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PokeWhere Apk

Pokemon Go is undoubtedly one of the best real-life oriented games of all time. Ever since it came in the market, it started creating buzz. Available on both Android and iOS, this game was accessible to most people. Pokewhere app, on the other hand, is basically a live radar application for detecting pokemons around you and also, far away. The real and current location of Pokemons around you are shown by the help of this application.

There is nothing much you have to do with it, which makes the usage much easier and lighter. Pokemon Go is all about hunting pokemons and capturing them for future and PokeWhere Apk is something that would assist your hunting. Pokewhere APK is available in the market on many different websites since it is not available in Google Play Store. If you are an iOS user, again there is nothing for you to be worried about. The application is available for you as well.

Pokewhere app

PokeWhere App download

It was back in 2016 when Pokemon Go became one of the most famous and profitable applications. It had a total of 500 million downloads from different parts of the world by the end of 2016. Such was the craze. Critically however, it got mixed reviews. Some of the critics praised it immensely for the concept and some of them found legit technical problems. In many countries, the game was even banned perceiving the concept as really dangerous for kids. Various reports about people trespassing others’ properties, just in order to find that one rare pokemon.

Having one of the very rare pokemons would make you the king of your friend circle or just give you immense self-satisfaction but the main thing is, finding these rare pokemons weren’t really easy. But those difficult times are gone after the introduction of PokeWhere Apk application. This application is not verified, approved or sponsored by any of the official parties and that is a reason they don’t have ownership to any of the trademark materials. Applications like this makes the game much easier for you as well as keeps you interested in the game.

Features of PokeWhere APk

1. It is not matter, in which corner of the world you are, you can scan for pokemons anywhere and definitely, anytime. The current location of rare pokemons around you would be displayed on your screen. You can follow that location and eventually captured that one very amazing pokemon, following the GPS.

2. The scanning is automatic as well. You don’t always have to click on scan in order to begin detecting pokemons around you. All sorts of pokemons would be displayed on your screen which are around you without you needing to be very close to them, which is the main motive of the application. If you think going the distance for a type of pokemon is worth it, you can go for it.

3. The scanning speed is super fast and it does not take much time to open up and detect pokemons around you. Before the release of the application, many people were actually concerned about the speed of scanning. The application would have been very irritating to use if the speed of scanning was less but fortunately, the super fast speed does not really cause many problems.

4. You can also share the scan with your friends, to let them know about the available pokemons in a certain place.

5. The scan can also be filtered, in many ways. If you are not interested in one certain kind of Pokemon you can exclude that from your scan. After doing so, the next time PokeWhere Apk scans pokemons around you, the results will not show that kind of Pokemon. Many more filters like this are available which makes your scan much more personalized.

6. The application is completely safe and does not ask for any personal details at all. You don’t even need to login to the application by using your account. Such is the level of privacy.

Why Pokewhere Apk?

Many people were actually concerned about getting banned, using PokeWhere Apk. Definitely, it is a third party application and Niantic once said that they Limited third party applications. Minor issues might come up if you use Pokewhere but you are most certainly not subject to getting banned, at once.

The game, in general, is absolutely easy to play but the inclusion of real time movements and Augmented reality made it much more special. Not only is it interesting for the gamers, but also promotes physical activities to a huge extent. People have to be walking, for their chances of detecting Pokemon to increase which in turn increases the overall foot traffic. The increase of food traffic, eventually helps the local businesses grow and it is a Win-Win situation. The popularity for this game hyped up in 2016 and as of May 2018, a total of over 800 million downloads were recorded.

Pokewhere apk

How to use PokeWhere Apk?

The gameplay is really simple and the game becomes much more interesting after downloading Pokewhere. What basically people have to do is travel and explore the maps to find out pokemons, pokestops and pokegyms. After you have found a Pokemon, you have to throw a ball on the Pokemon in order to capture it. You would get three opportunities (3 balls) and if you do not succeed in these three attempts you wouldn’t not get hold of that Pokemon.

Finding a new one is easy but what’s not easy is to find the rare ones. This is where PokeWhere Apk comes into play. It detects all the pokemons around you without even you having to get really close to them. It is a live radar which detects and tells you the location of the rare Pokemon you have been finding all this time.

The first thing you have to do after you download the game is to create your own Avatar. You can personalize the look of your Avatar, which will then be shown on the map. Other features are also available on the game such as lure modules. This one activated, attracts rare and wild pokemons towards you for you to catch them as soon as possible.

Catching the pokemons is not just about the collection but the power of your Pokemon can also be put into execution in the pokegyms. Pokegyms are places where pokemons are supposed to fight against other pokemons for special prizes and upgrades. Many of the pokegyms and pokestops were placed in really dangerous places, which are now deleted.

Why is Pokewhere great for Pokemon go?

As the player in real life moves, the player in the game moves too. The game is made so realistic that near water bodies, water pokemons are most likely to be found and many other such small details. The AR mode even uses the camera of the phone and gyroscope in order to show the Pokemon as if it is present in the real world.

You have to capture the Pokemon throwing the ball on it. If you encounter a rare Pokemon but unfortunately cannot capture it, you can at least have a screenshot of it. These are the small details which make the game really user-friendly and a must-play for most of the people.

Unlike other Pokemon series games, you do not have to battle the wild pokemons in order to catch them. The game is absolutely free to play but as with any other game, in app purchases are also available for your enhanced gaming experience.

How Pokewhere Help to reduce Accidents caused by Pokemon go?

A new buddy “Pokemon feature” was also included in the game which would allow one of the collected pokemons of that player to appear alongside the personalized avatar. More than 100 pokemons are available for you to collect. There were many controversies revolving around this game and that’s the reason why it was released on different dates in different regions.

The fever of Pokemon Go was running so wild that it caused many accidents and created public nuisances. Many incidents came up, about tragic events related to Pokemon Go. The introduction of this third-party app, Pokewhere, lessened the number of accidents to a huge extent. This is basically because using PokeWhere Apk, people come to know what pokemon is where and they could go in the quest of their favorite pokemon in a certain direction without wandering down the roads. The public nuisance was the main problem of this game.

Pokewhere Apk tells where rare pokemons are

First of all, if there are specific places where no one is supposed to go but rare pokemons are available, people trespassed. Many pokegyms and pokestops were located in places where common people weren’t allowed to enter. Along with that, the main problem was the fact that the youth, while walking down the roads, would always look into their smartphones for detecting pokemons around, which made them unaware of the surroundings. The chances of accidents, in turn, increased.

Foot traffic increased after Pokemon Go, which is a good thing and PokeWhere Apk made the quest easier. Overall, playing Pokemon Go, using Pokewhere is much more interesting than the genuine game and safer as well.

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